Bigg Boss 16 Live Streaming 2022 App Details

Bigg Boss Seaosn 16 Live Feed Voot Select – The much-awaited TV reality show of national television, watch Bigg Boss is all set to commence with its brand new season 16 which will be aired from 2nd October 2022. Last year, the makers of the reality show opened the gates for ordinary citizens of India to be part of this most famous show and as expected it proved to be an extremely interesting edition. Thus we can expect that the forthcoming season of Bigg Boss is going to be more enthralling and entertaining when we will get to see the argument and verbal fights between commoners and celebrity contestants of the show.

Bigg Boss 16 Live Feed 24×7

With the registration and audition process has already been started, all the ardent fans and viewers are eagerly waiting for the official premier of the show and want to witness the high thrill drama, action, and controversies inside the house. You can enjoy the live streaming of the new version of Bigg Boss 16 Live Feed 24×7 by visiting the official website of Bigg Boss. Clicking on Live Feed section you can watch the each and every episode of the show. You can also enjoy the full live streaming of Bigg Boss Season 16 by clicking on the videos where you can select any latest or previous episode to catch the full dramatics of the show online.

Bigg Boss 16 Wild Card Entry

Bigg Boss is nothing new to the arena of entertainment. It has already gained immense popularity all over the country over the last few years. As many as nine episodes have been broadcasted across the television sets. So, you are quite familiar with the show. Well, here is a nice piece of information for you.

This reality show has its basic idea in the show called Big Brother, that was originally made in the Netherlands. Over the last ten years, the culture has gradually found its way into the Indian fanfare and today, you find yourself hooked on the show. The most important news for you is that you will be able to see the live telecast online, and you will not have to stay indoor when the programme is telecasted.

Bigg Boss 16 House – The basic theme

There is no need to repeat the entire strategy of the reality show. Still, if you are new to the show, here is a brief up for you. The participants of the show are known as housemates, and they are not allowed to communicate with the rest of the people. They are kept isolated from the others.

The house of Bigg Boss 16 live is well presented, with two bedrooms, kitchen and gym, besides other areas. The show is full of excitement, and you will definitely like it when it is available over the internet to you. Located away from Mumbai, it is built every year. It is locked and put under the cameras. There are nominations for eviction every week, and the contestants receiving the major vote are nominated to the show.