Bigg Boss 16 Elimination | Eviction Tonight – Who Evicted in this week

The official lists for the contestants and the commoners are yet to be unveiled but the basic theme of the show is out. Bigg Boss will have neighbours theme, all the celebrities and Bigg Boss 16 contestants will compete as ‘Vichitra jodi‘.

Just like the earlier Bigg Boss seasons, the Bigg Boss 16 will also have wildcard entries and eliminations round. Going with the twists and surprises the makers are planning, viewers are expecting to have Bigg Boss 16 elimination round to have some shocking turns.

Bigg Boss 16 Elimination – Weekend ka War

Every week some contestants from the show will get nominated by the inmates for elimination, and on the basis of the votes polled by an audience, the contestant will get evicted watch Bigg Boss 16. Elimination day makes the show more interesting and therefore it is also known as Weekend ka War.

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Contestants in the house will have to perform some tasks to save themselves from being eliminated. The tasks will be based on stamina and power and the participants who will not perform well will be nominated for Bigg Boss 16 elimination.

Just like the 14th season, the new season will also have a mix of celebrities and commoners in the show. The auditions and the registrations date for Bigg Boss 14 are ended and now the registrations for 16th season are about to start.

  • The host Salman Khan will give the tasks to the teams and the contestants will perform the activity with their team members.
  • The winning team will rule on the house for a week.
  • The winning team will choose the worst performer from the opposite team. Along with this, the team will also nominate the candidate for the elimination round.
  • The contestant who will get more votes will be nominated and then elimination for the same will depend on the audience poll.

So, folks, you can vote for your favorite contestants via online, or offline or through SMS. List of the nominated candidates for Bigg Boss 16 Live will be uploaded on the page as soon as the show will